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Home Away Dog Boarding

What We Want to Know

Please make sure your dog has a collar and tag with your information before their stay, safety first!

PLEASE BE HONEST AND UP FRONT ABOUT YOUR DOG'S HABITS! We can accomodate most habits, but we need to know everything about your dog before their stay so that we are more equipped to fill their needs. This policy is in place due to previous owners who withheld information about their dog's bad habits, which resulted in the destruction of personal property.

We need to know how your dog gets along with other dogs. This is paramount to ensure the safety of your dog and everyone else. We have facilities to group dog's together and keep them separated.

All dogs are allowed inside to sleep at night, as long as they are house trained. We need to know how your dog normally sleeps; crates, living room, bed room, bed, etc. We can accomodate your dog's sleeping arrangments so that your dog and everyone else gets the best night sleep possible.

As stated on the main page, you will be required to provide your dog's food, but we need to know their eating schedule and if they are food aggressive.

Finally, we need to know about any allergies or medications/supplements your dog needs.

Our goal is to provide the best home away from home for your companion, knowing these things will give us the knowledge we need to provide just that. If there is anything else you feel we need to know, please don't hesitate to tell us. We want your time away from your companion to be just as stress free as their stay with us.